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JW Lemons, CCA, CPAg

JW, a graduate from Washington State University with a B.S. in Agriculture & Natural Resources, has 30+ years in crop consulting, fertilizer/crop nutrition, ag sales & marketing, irrigation, erosion control, chemicals, turf, and ornamental.

Certified Professional Agronomist ("CPAg")

One of less than 500 world wide.

Certified Crop Consultant

Current Chair of Western Region Certified Crop Consultants.

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As a certified Crop Advisor and a Certified Professional Agronomist, I dedicate myself to finding Agronomic Solutions. My emphasis is toward crop nutrition, healthy plants, and healthy soil. On a case by case review with a consultant or direct with the grower, I will help to find the most effective and economical solutions to improve your plants' condition, crop quantity, and crop quality, depending on your current goals, and set you towards improving your soil condition. Ultimately, I can guide you towards achieving Sustainability on your farm. Locating the right product for use in the right place in the right quantity and quality, at the right time can help achieve these goals.

With our growing knowledge of soil health needs, and the use of biologicals and approved organic products to enhance your crops, I can help you identify the product(s) currently on the  market that can satisfy your identified agronomic needs. My strong relationships with organic and biological manufacturers allow me to direct you to the source of these products from local suppliers, or arrange for products to be directly shipped from the manufacturer to your farm or nursery.

I can also offer one-on-one or group training on agronomic topics and types of products that address soil and crop issues. Balanced nutrition and use of organic and natural biological products can help reduce pest pressure. Natural products can allow for better soil penetration and water holding capacity, and improve soil nutrient use. Natural amendments can enhance the health of the beneficial microbial activity in your soil, accomplishing some of the previously mentioned benefits. Bio stimulants can help set more crop and aide in the color and size of produce.

30+ years of successfully helping growers solve issues and achieve goals - Call Me Now, so I can help YOU too!   817-715-8078



Crop advisor on crop nutrition programs, protocol for field trials and research projects, organic crop nutrition management, sustainable ag.


Effective Speaker & Trainer on pesticides, plant nutrition, and irrigation. Current regular trainer for California Association of Pest Control Advisors.


JW is the new Chair of the Executive Committee for the Western Region CCA! Congratulations JW! We're looking forward to you leading the expansion of membership to young college students and recent graduates!


"JW, I had a problem with the nutrition program you wrote. My crop was so heavy that we ran out of labor and couldn't get it all harvested." ~ Cherry Grower, Washington State


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